Here are some portfolio samples of my past Beauty/Fashion related work that I have worked on in various locations around the World.

Various Photo Shoots

The photo shoots have been done in so many different locations around the world such as New York, Tokyo and Philippines. Whenever I find interesting projects coming up, I always jump into the opportunities even if the shooting location is a real jungle without full electricity and hot water. One time I had an amazing opportunity in Tokyo to work with a new team flying from South Africa. Just one photo-shoot connects us no matter where we are. Isn’t it fascinating to meet inspiring people from all over the world? I just love it. I love collaborating with new people and I’m always open to exciting projects.

Fashion Shows

I have worked on various fashion shows in the world. When I started working as a freelancer, my first runway show that I’ve worked on was a very small show at an art gallery in Vancouver, Canada. I still remember all details about what I did for makeup. Through the experience, runway became my passion. Since 2013, I have worked at backstage for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York and Tokyo. When I saw the runway stage that I have worked on at Lincoln Center in Manhattan, watching models walking on the runway made my heart sing. Every moment was captured in my mind and I was filled with excitement and a feeling of accomplishment. Runway is my inspiration for work.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week