Any kind of production work (TV/Editorial/Advertising/Runway, etc.) is available. Any location shooting (any country in the World) is welcome. For details, please contact me for rates.

As an option, Japanese/English translation for casts and crews is also available for international clients who need Japanese or English translators.


Collaborating with new talented creative people is my passion for creativity. I’m very open to new creative teams. For any photo shooting and video filming with directors, photographers, designers, and other creators, please contact me for details. For international clients coming to Japan, location arrangement, casting, and translation support are also available.


If you are interested in having a makeup workshop at your event, please contact me for details. Various contents and flexible arrangement are available. The workshop style will vary, depending on your request. Personal lessons, group lectures, corporate seminars, and recreation workshops are provided.

Makeup lessons at companies, schools and any kind of communities are available. For both beginners who just want to enjoy daily makeup and people with an advanced level who want to be a professional makeup artist, lesson materials and lesson levels will be arranged. Individual lessons, group lectures, and corporate seminars are available. To see images from recent workshops see below:

Through my portrait workshop, you can make your own photo frame and get your beautiful portrait pictures with makeup services. The individual photo session by a professional photographer will discover your inner beauty that will give you more self-confidence. It’s also a great opportunity to meet new people while working on your craft activity. Workshop contents can be changed at your request. To see images from recent workshops see below:


Makeup booths at events, restaurants, and open space are available. A makeup booth doesn’t need a complicated setup. It requires just a tiny space. I’ve collaborated with art events, food festivals, club events, fashion events, and care facilities in the past. Please contact me for details and to see images from recent events see below: