Who doesn’t want to enjoy Halloween? Almost every year I hold Halloween events at outdoor open spaces, restaurants, clubs, and bars. You can get crazy makeup as well as a cute temporary tattoo with colorful glitters. If you’re too shy to wear a full Halloween makeup, you can try one-point makeup. My Halloween events are very casual and open to everyone. Every year there are so many kids and their parents enjoying face painting with big smiles. Let’s make unforgettable memories for Halloween together!

In Christmas season, I hold fun Christmas events at various places such as outdoor event spaces, cafes and restaurants. One of the exciting events that I have worked on is a body paint performance. You will enjoy an unusual unique experience through my live makeup performance. If you would like to feel special for Christmas, a private makeup service is also available. Everyone loves going out for parties and there are so many fascinating Christmas events happening everywhere. Who doesn’t want to go crazy at a party with a pretty face?