I love teaching because It’s always fascinating to meet new students and see their progress through my classes. Not only sharing my makeup knowledge and experiences, but also getting to know each of my students is a quality time in life. I’m a friendly open-minded makeup instructor, who has a variety of experiences with people from all over the world. I have a very gentle touch when doing makeup so my clients say that they feel like being at a relaxation spa. I’m good at creating flawless skin on people with different skin tones.

Currently I’m an instructor at New York Makeup Academy under IBF (International Beauty Federation). I teach from basic makeup methods to the advanced level for those who want to be a professional makeup artist. I also provide my own makeup classes for whoever wants to improve their makeup skills.

If you’re interested in self-makeup, one-day class will be a good start for you. My class is very friendly and open to everyone. If you don’t know anything about makeup. Don’t worry about it. Even if you don’t have your own makeup kit, you’re very welcome to join my classes. There is a rental makeup-set that you can use.

You will learn how to apply products better and have an opportunity to expand your variation of daily looks. You will find something new through my makeup class. For those who want to learn more deeply, regular classes are also available. Let’s play with colors and brushes together and find something new in yourself!